Flyers v Habs – buckle up!

15 May

Mike CammalleriOn Sunday night the No.7 seed of the NHL’s Eastern Conference, Philadelphia, will battle the No.8 seed, Montreal. There’ll be no Sidney Crosby, no Alex Ovechkin and no Ryan Miller. Just two hard-working, underdog clubs, playing thrilling hockey.

The Flyers weren’t even meant to be in the playoffs were they? Now they’re overcoming goal deficits, series deficits and even a talent deficit to earn a spot in the final four. If there’s one thing the Canadiens should know heading into this series, it’s that Philadelphia don’t go down easy. Like Rocky Balboa, they keep swinging until the final bell. And in that vein, the Bell – as in Centre – won’t intimidate them either.

For the Habs, it’s all about control. This team isn’t fancy. It’s disciplined. Precise. Determined. Humble. And these qualities are best exemplified in their ascending winger, Mike Cammalleri. The Ontario native has 12 goals these playoffs, with the promise of more to come, and maybe a shot at breaking the post-season record of 19.

As The Toronto Star wrote this week, Cammalleri plays hockey “the Toronto way”, meaning he doesn’t jump around after a goal, showboat or disrespect his opponent. No, Montreal’s No.13 plays with coolness and class, which makes it tough to bet against him and his surprising team.


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