Baron Davis isn’t Lebron, so what?

6 Mar

The thing is, I like Baron Davis. He’s one of my favorite NBA players and I’m pretty tired of everybody ragging on him. Yeh, you heard.

After some erratic play, interspersed with regular injury periods, supposed issues with weight, and or fitness, and finger-pointing from the media that the guy has no heart, B-Diddy finds himself in the latest NBA wasteland, Cleveland.

So is this move meant to be punishment for the former all-star, the player that so often reminds me of a smaller – albeit heavier – Magic Johnson? Or rather, as many will have you think, was this the NBA’s way of kicking the Cavs while they were down?

Believe it or not, Davis still has some petrol in the tank. No, he’s not LeBron James, but by blowing up the New York Anthonies last week – something James can’t seem to do – he showed the so-called experts he still has some moves. More moves than the so-called King, anyway. He took over in the fourth at MSG and in just 26 minutes of play, dismantled the NBA’s newest triumvirate. (It’s all about triumvirates these days. Triumvirates win championships, haven’t you heard?)

Davis is only 31 for crying out loud! Are we already putting him out to pasture because of one or two bad seasons? Have we already forgotten the scintillating playoff work he logged for the Golden State Warriors in 2008? The man single-handedly turned Oracle Arena into a crazed, cultish stupor with his dazzling flips, behind the back deliveries and ridiculous baseline jams.

How did “Recent Achievements” so easily slide into irrelevancy on the NBA resume? Wouldn’t you be mildly agitated if a potential employer today shrugged off your best Powerpoint deck from 2008? “Ah, sorry Mr. Johnson, we’re only interested in what you’ve done in the last sixty seconds. That’s as far back as our brains will compute, I’m afraid.”

To all those who aren’t convinced, who think Davis’ is unreliable and overpriced, maybe his 18-point surge last Friday, which included 4 of 7 three-pointers, three rebounds and five assists, will make you reconsider. Maybe the old man and the beard has some juice left.

Sure, there’s only a slim chance we’ll see the freewheeling Golden State Baron in Ohio, but the Buckeye State Baron may just find a golden opportunity on his new team to prove the columnists wrong, one last time.

I’m rooting for you Diddy.


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