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NFL draft hats, kind of retro

28 Apr

The 2011 NFL draft hats are now available but we’re not sure the latest design lends itself to all team logos. The contrasting panel on the visor seems to be an attempt at a retro design, but doesn’t always gel with the overall team color. White can look wrong on a hat can’t it? For example, the Browns hat contrasts white with orange, and similarly the Steelers hat white with yellow. Meh.

We do like the Cowboys and Rams versions, however, where white is more striking against a darker color. You’d think they’d factor this notion into the equation, right?


Portland Timbers have a cool logo

4 Apr


One of the new additions to Major League Soccer in 2011 is the Portland Timbers, who are bringing their rich tradition and trail-blazing fans to the pro ranks.

Beyond good soccer and proud fans, the Timbers have also honed their logo, a combination of heritage imagery and slick design. The axe clearly references the Pacific Northwest’s logging industry and the three chevrons organized to resemble a pine tree, point to the Timbers’ membership in three separate leagues: the original North American Soccer League, the United Soccer Leagues, and Major League Soccer.

The colors are ponderosa green and moss green, and represent the state of Oregon’s forests.

It all makes for a simple, yet attractive emblem, evoking the region’s history and strength.

Check out this great launch video below.