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The captain is back!

9 May

Derek Jeter went 4 for 6 on Sunday with two homers, signifying a possible return to form for Mr. Minka Kelly (not that someone dating Minka could ever be considered “out of form”). The Captain improved his batting average to .276 as a result of this recent outing.  So, well, what’s the issue Yankee fans?


Friday logos…oh, and games

6 May

Baseball logos are often similar, it’s true. But they seem especially similar when, seemingly all at once, clubs with like logos go head to head on the same day. It’s like the big baseball in the sky suddenly aligns with the sun or something, and just like that and a few beers later, you can’t tell who has more runs, them or the home team.

Case in point, some of Friday’s fixtures:

Cincinnati Reds Cap Insignia.svg vsChicago Cubs Cap Insignia.svg

Colorado Rockies Cap Insignia.svgvsSan Francisco Giants Cap Insignia.svg

Seattle Mariners Insignia.svg


Detroit’s TV friendly ballpark

3 May

Comerica Park in Detroit comes up trumps on TV doesn’t it?

In yesterday’s fairly one-sided affair between the Tigers and the Yanks, 23,000 fans seemed to be really enjoying the ballpark – and what’s not to love? The grass looked a treat, the diamond pristine and the stadium concourse full of jungle surprises. It’s simply a great backdrop for a TV game.

Rays baby blue is a winner

26 Apr

David Price

Don’t look now but the Tampa Bay Rays have the best record in the majors at 14-5, as well as the best jersey. Okay, so that’s debatable. But Tampa’s baby blue number must have had the Blue Jays scratching their heads last week, seeing as it’s the same color Toronto made famous during their World Series days. Even the dark blue cap in combination is similar. Probably helps that the Rays have equally good pitching to the 93′ Jays too.

Alyssa Milano loves classic uniforms

26 Apr

Alyssa Milano in Dodgers t-shirt

Yankees pinstripes, the Rangers diagonal logo, New York Giants colors and the Celtics old school style: theses are Alyssa Milano’s favorite sports unis. In a recent interview with, Milano explained her penchant for classic sports designs, which will surely make her even more attractive in the eyes of male fans. She’s also a longtime Dodgers supporter, which is no surprise, given that it’s one of baseball’s best ever unis.