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Top football technology

15 Feb

With the NFL season done and dusted, there’s time to get a little retrospective.

So let’s talk football technology.

Style + Tech For Men recently posted its Top 11 Highest-scoring Advancements in Super Bowl Technology. It’s a good list, with my favorite being No. 2, Supervision, a system of multiple high-speed cameras.

These cameras provide us football nuts with high-def, ultra-slow-motion replays, which have revolutionized watching the pro game in particular. Just think about David Tyree’s legendary helmet catch, or Santonio Holmes game-winning-back-of-the-end-zone-grab. Neither would have reached such heights without the advent of super on-field shots.

The best replay moments certainly occur, however, when your favorite back is tearing up the field, arms pumping, legs churning, ball tucked high and tight. Slow-mo poetry.


Giro d’Italia on your iPhone

11 May

giro d'italiaLike your cycling? Akamai Technologies has set up live video streaming for the iPhone of the Il Giro d’Italia this month. The event, in its 93rd year, is said to be the second toughest stage race behind the Tour de France and has already attracted 120,000 app downloads. The Giro is being broadcast live from eight o’clock each morning (EST) and is available via the GazzettadelloSport app.

Retro cool LED watch

8 May

LIP watch Diode LED This Diode LED watch by LIP stood out to us while reading today. It’s just so old school 70s cool. And $250 seems a fair price. Seriously, this is the type of watch Batman must wear, right? Watchismo has more pics.

Yankees go 3-D

6 May

Jeter NY Yankees

Avatar has certainly opened the door – or a can of worms – depending on your view. It seems the world wants 3-D, especially in the sports world. And so who better than the New York Yankees to further test 3-D technology, huh? The New York Times reports that the YES Network will join DirecTV in July to produce two 3-D Yankees-Mariners games from Seattle. Three dimensional pinstripes? Thanks James Cameron, we think.

YouTube scores with Indian cricket

4 May

Is the future of sports on YouTube? Judging by the success of Indian cricket’s new online channel, it just may be. The video platform recently broadcast the Indian Premier League’s 60 matches live around the world to a rousing reception. The New York Times reports that a whopping 50 million viewers were glued to YouTube’s I.P.L. channel during the competition, 40% of which were outside India. Yes, you read that correctly – outside. There’s clearly more to come for YouTube sports.

Sports Illustrated comes to life with iPad

27 Apr

Here’s Sports Illustrated on the Apple iPad. In a word, it’s awesome. The ability to flick through rows of beautiful SI photos, arrange content in whatever order you like, as well as customize your own “team” pages, make tablet mags the most exciting thing to happen in sports media in some time. And the addition of video to your weekly SI – including the always engrossing Swimsuit Issue – surely is whetting the appetite of even the biggest skeptics. Bring it on!

NHL Ice Time is superbly distracting

26 Apr

NHL Ice Time

iPhone Apps are taking over the world, aren’t they? Sooner or later we’ll be sending these things to our meetings and on dates. It’ll be like that Schwarzenegger flick The 6th Day, or any sci-fi with Bruce Willis. Anyway, one app that has impressed us is NHL Ice Time. This is a genuine good use of time folks. Ice time that is! Ah, sorry. You get scores, stats, video highlights, photos and even streamed game audio all for around $10. For hockey fans unable to attend games or without a TV nearby, it doesn’t get much better than this type of access.