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Erin Andrews ZigTech deal zagged

4 May

Erin Andrews’ Reebok ZigTech deal has certainly raised a clamoring around the web. If you missed it, Andrews’ employer, ESPN, recently requested that the reporter conclude her Reebok endorsement at the end of 2011 due to conflict of interest.

As The New York Times reported, ESPN’s concern here is a loss of credibility when its talent is seen to be endorsing products associated with the sports they report on. It’s a valid concern, but is Erin Andrews wearing ZigTechs in her own time truly a conflict of interest when she roams the sidelines of a basketball court?

Certainly her deliberate comments about Nike cleats at the Rose Bowl didn’t help matters but if ESPN’s policy simply vetoed on-air comments about brands then there wouldn’t be a need to ban such endorsement deals. Right?