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Erin Andrews ZigTech deal zagged

4 May

Erin Andrews’ Reebok ZigTech deal has certainly raised a clamoring around the web. If you missed it, Andrews’ employer, ESPN, recently requested that the reporter conclude her Reebok endorsement at the end of 2011 due to conflict of interest.

As The New York Times reported, ESPN’s concern here is a loss of credibility when its talent is seen to be endorsing products associated with the sports they report on. It’s a valid concern, but is Erin Andrews wearing ZigTechs in her own time truly a conflict of interest when she roams the sidelines of a basketball court?

Certainly her deliberate comments about Nike cleats at the Rose Bowl didn’t help matters but if ESPN’s policy simply vetoed on-air comments about brands then there wouldn’t be a need to ban such endorsement deals. Right?


Portland Timbers have a cool logo

4 Apr


One of the new additions to Major League Soccer in 2011 is the Portland Timbers, who are bringing their rich tradition and trail-blazing fans to the pro ranks.

Beyond good soccer and proud fans, the Timbers have also honed their logo, a combination of heritage imagery and slick design. The axe clearly references the Pacific Northwest’s logging industry and the three chevrons organized to resemble a pine tree, point to the Timbers’ membership in three separate leagues: the original North American Soccer League, the United Soccer Leagues, and Major League Soccer.

The colors are ponderosa green and moss green, and represent the state of Oregon’s forests.

It all makes for a simple, yet attractive emblem, evoking the region’s history and strength.

Check out this great launch video below.

Retro cool LED watch

8 May

LIP watch Diode LED This Diode LED watch by LIP stood out to us while reading today. It’s just so old school 70s cool. And $250 seems a fair price. Seriously, this is the type of watch Batman must wear, right? Watchismo has more pics.

Reebok’s zigging and zagging with Mayweather

6 May

reebok zigtechReebok’s Zigtech sneaker has been out for a while, but we wanted to take another peek following Floyd Mayweather’s decision against Shane Mosley last week. Why? Because “Money” trained in the Zigtech prior to the fight with “Sugar” Mosley, which makes him look like Reebok’s most valuable ambassador right now. The flexibility and spring in these shoes is said to lighten the impact on muscles, meaning you can last longer. And that’s basically what Mayweather did on fight night. The partnership was a clearly a stroke of genius by the Big Cheeses at Reebok.

World Cup jerseys never looked so good

6 May

Wold Cup apparel is coming on thick and fast, with this sexy promo from Umbro the latest. Here they’ve combined Umbro’s new 2010 jersey designs with some of the world’s hottest models. In the words of the Uruguayan model Zaira Nara, this is perfect for the boys. Yes, Zaira, yes it is.

Sportswear to soar during World Cup

5 May

Adidas world cup jerseyAdidas is the largest sports apparel sponsor of the 2010 soccer World Cup, the London Evening Standard reports. The Three Stripes is backing 12 teams, including hosts South Africa,  Spain, and Germany, and will also bring the  matchballs. Nice of them, isn’t it? Well all this Adidas branding means the company is expecting massive revenue from the Cup, something akin to the 2006 event, where it added more than US$1 billion (€1 billion) to its bottom line through the sale of football shirts, boots and balls. Nike is sponsoring 10 teams and Puma seven at this year’s tournament.

Puma’s getting clever

2 May

Next time you slip on a t-shirt for the gym or your runners for a jog, consider the logo you’re wearing. Was there a good reason you chose that brand, or was it just something you found under the Christmas tree one year? Well Puma might gives us all a reason to reconsider our sportswear soon, as the company aims to go carbon neutral. According to AsianOne Business, Puma wants to be the first sports apparel company to become eco-friendly. How? For starters they’re ditching the old cardboard shoe boxes for a new bag/box in one that is said to use 65% less cardboard than the standard box. Check out the video above.