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Fantasy football gets a dose of reality

9 Sep

Fantasy football not only has 26 million participants, it has become so pervasive that its scores will now sit alongside real football scores.


In a nutshell, Roger Goodell and the NFL have made the odd decision to display fantasy football results on the scoreboard at each NFL fixture.

NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy told The New York Daily News: “We want you most of all to sit back and enjoy it – in our stadiums, on television, and wherever else you connect with the NFL. Football fans enjoying football is what we love.”

As much as I love fantasy football, this is a curious move. We go to the games for the game, not a multi-tiered informational experience. If I wanted that I could hook into my iPad and never leave the house. And anyone who’s at a game and more concerned with what their No.2 running back is doing on the other side of the country than the action in front of them, should seriously think about giving their seats up to someone who really wants to be at the game.

Sometimes the suits need to stop trying to be cool and just worry about the business at hand – providing a quality on-the-field product.


NFL owners should try trading places with us

3 Mar

We’re really talking about a measly one dollar out of nine.

That’s what’s the NFL owners are fighting for and threatening to cancel our beloved pro football season over. From a fan’s perspective, it’s unreal.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, we’re at this awful juncture because the current owners are now unhappy with the labor deal that was set-up in 2006 – which is obviously so recent that many of today’s owners signed-off on that very deal. Terrific. Look, I’d like to see the Star Wars prequels remade but it ain’t going to happen.

The Huffington Post reported the situation rather succinctly this week:

Now, the NFL’s owners are threatening to scrap the coming season if the players, who currently receive 50 percent of the $9 billion revenue pie, don’t cede $1 billion of that revenue. The owners say they need the money for stadiums, but the players union is skeptical because the owners have refused to open their books to show how they spend the cut of revenue they already receive.

Money for stadiums? Really? Four and half billion not covering the bill for urinal cakes gentlemen?

What’s most frustrating about this whole situation for us fans, is not that many local economies will be potentially damaged by a lockout (though that is clearly a major concern), but that the owners seem oblivious to the fact that football fans will miss the game.

It’s that simple. We love NFL football. We don’t want even a single game to be cancelled. We don’t care what the deal is, as long as football happens. That’s it. That should be their bottom line. Nothing should impede this goal.

But of course, when millionaires and billionaires are involved, a single dollar becomes oddly important.